Most Awkward Birthday Karaoke Songs

It’s 1am on your birthday. Time to celebrate with some serious karaoke? As you think of your favorite songs to impress the crowd, your friend grabs the microphone to serenade you first. Let’s pray like Madonna that one of these songs are not selected because even though it’s your birthday, you don’t want these awkward tunes sung so close to you.



1. I Touch Myself – The Divinilys
“When I think about you, I touch myself!’



2. Crazy – ‘N Sync

“I lie awake, I drive myself crazy, drive myself crazy thinking of you.”


 Eat It

3. Eat It – Weird Al

“You won’t get no dessert until you clean off your plate, Just Eat It!” (a parody of Michael Jackson’s Beat It!)


 cake rain

4. MacArthur Park – Richard Harris

“Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don’t think that I can take it cause it took so long to bake it and I’ll never have that recipe again, oh no.”


 just somebody

5. You’re Just Somebody Who I Used to Know – Gotye

“But you didn’t have to cut me off. Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing. I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger. And that feels so rough.”



An old wanted poster from the American Wild West

6. Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

“I’m wanted (wanted) dead or alive.”




7. The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson

“I’d buy you rogaine, when you start losing all your hair.”



8. You’re Having My Baby - Paul Anka

“Havin’ my baby, what a lovely way of sayin’ what you’re thinkin’ of me, I can see it, face is glowin.”


9. Money, That’s what I want – The Beatles

“Our lovin give me a thrill, but your lovin don’t pay my bills.Now give me money (that’s what I want).”



10. You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

“I’ll bet you think this song is about you, don’t you? don’t you?”





Gifts to Make Mom Smile

Whether it’s your mother, grandmother or godmother, celebrate how these special women have invested in you by pampering her with the royal treatment. These gifts are just a few ideas to express your gratitude. How will you say Happy Mother’s Day?

Ursa Major 1. Big Dipper Compass Necklace 

In Greek mythology, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellations (the Big and Little Dippers) tell the tale of a mother and child whose love was so strong it was written in the stars. Celebrate the bonds of family with this custom constellation compass


2. Custom Quilt 

Pamper mom with a quilt that can be passed down through the generations. With a focus on intricate tulip motifs, this bedding is reminiscent of the royal symbol used in the 18th century by the Ottoman Empire in Central Asia.




3. Recipe Tote Bag 

Tell mom how much you adore her famous cooking with this recipe tote bag for shopping at the farmer’s market or local grocery.




4. Origins Gift Bag 

Pamper your mother with youthful lotions, serums and creams from Origins Skincare treatment line.




5. Warby Parker Sunglasses

Help mom stay cool – literally and figuratively with Warby Parker’s chic polarized sunglass line. Try the Jules, inspired by  Audrey Hepburn, they can be dressed up or down.






6. Bath Tub Caddy  

Tell mom to float back and relax with a soak in the tub, complete with a good book and glass of wine – it’s the ultimate spa experience at home with the bath tub caddy.







7. The Perfect Pear Gift Box

Deliciously ripe fruit for the woman who always ensured you had enough of the healthy food groups -  perfectly delicious pears!










Most Adventurous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are the typical ways we celebrate mothers – with gifts of chocolate,  flowers and cooking classes. Then, there are the atypical ways to show how much you  care. We have curated some of the most  adventurous and unexpected ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Would you dare to give them a shot with mom by your side?


sky diving 1. Sky Diving  

There is nothing quite like jumping from a plane – with your mom!



2.  White Water Rafting

The water is slightly warm by Mother’s Day. Battle the rapids together!

 go kart

3.  Go Kart Driving 

Buckle Up! It’s time to go for a fast ride with Mom. Watch her speed!


4. Rock Climbing

Show Mom that she literally “rocks” with this climbing adventure together

 roller coaster

5. Roller Coaster Ride

Nothing quite like screaming together while traveling at warp speed.

mother and son scuba dive

6. Scuba Diving 

No talking, only snorkeling under the sea. Bond with the fish and seaweed.




7. Hot Air Balloon 

Up, up and away we go! Travel into the sky as a family.









Happy Administrative Professionals Day

To the person who is responsible for all the behind the scenes magic that makes life at work 100 times easier, say thank you with these gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day.

cheese platter 1. Cheese Plate from Murray’s

A delicious assortment of cheeses from one of the most famous cheese shops in NYC.





2. Juniper Bonsai Tree

Plants add color to a desk. Express gratitude with this beautifully pruned bonsai tree.



edibel arrangements

3. Fruit Dipped Basket

Make a day a little sweeter with one of Edible Arrangements delicious fruit (dipped in chocolate) baskets.




4. Flowers

Nothing says thank you quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


Coffee Sleeve

5. Coffee Cup Sleeve

A hand knitted sweater for the coffee mug.



6. Breakfast of the Month Club

Assistants often order breakfast. Now, give the gift of breakfast to them – each month they will receive mouth-watering pancakes, waffles, crepes, or scones.





7. Audio-Technica Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Enable your favorite admin to listen to music while working or mainly tune out the chatter in the office.




8. Spring Chocolate Gift Box

Deliciously sweet chocolates to express how much your admin enriches your work.






Shaken or Stirred: The Gift of the Birthday Martini

martini 4-17-13

Beyond delivering the toast on your friend’s birthday, give a unique gift by mixing a special cocktail for the party. This birthday martini is a celebration in a glass.


  • 1 1/2 ounces Rainbow Sherbert Vodka*
  • 5 ounces  pomegranate juice
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice
  • a splash of seltzer 
  • 1 tbsp whipped cream 
  • 1 tbsp sprinkles
  • 1 birthday candle
  • 1 tsp sugar

*Feel free to substitute another flavored infused vodka.


Drizzle sugar, extra juice, and sprinkles on a plate. Flip the martini glass upside down to line the rim. Set aside. Separately, in a shaker filled with ice, combine pomegranate juice, vodka, lime juice, and seltzer. Shake it up and strain into a large martini glass.  Add whipped cream with candle in center to float.

10 Outrageously Creative Birthday Cakes

No matter which way you slice it, birthday cake is delicious. When the design doesn’t take the shape of a typical cake, the surprise makes a birthday celebration unique.  Here are 10 of our favorite cake themes for birthdays.



1. Banana Split

Create the classic frozen treat on top of a cake – banana split!



2. Beatles

Cue the music. For the music fan, this cake will bring your friend good wishes from the song: “You Say it’s your birthday. Gonna have a good time!”



3. Monopoly

Pass Go and collect $200! This cake doesn’t guarantee a monetary prize, but it is for the friend who likes playing board games or just buying up real estate.


 bee mine

4. Bumble Bee

Create some buzz around a birthday with this bumble bee cake.



5. Robot

Celebrate your friend’s birthday in true sci-fi style with a robot cake. You can try to get your friend to give it commands, but it likely won’t respond with anything but pure deliciousness.

SandwichCake 6. Sandwich

Make a birthday meal that doubles as a cake. For the sandwich fan, eating frosting lettuce, ham, and cheese makes this birthday delicious.

 cowboycake 7. Cowboy

Celebrate the Wild West with this bandana and blue jean cake, topped with a sassy cowboy or girl hat.

mario 8. Super Mario Brothers

Transforming the classic Nintendo into a culinary confection, including an edible giant mushroom.

 caterpillar 9. Caterpillar

Connecting cupcakes to create a friendly caterpillar celebration.


CameraCake 4-3-13

10. Camera

Create birthday memories with this cake. You’ll still need a real camera to capture them. So meta.




13 Best Gifts for Game of Thrones Fan

When Season 3 of Game of Thrones debuts this Sunday, what gifts will make watching the show even more fun? We curated a list of our top favorites.


beltbuckle 1. Targaryen Belt Buckle 

Add an authentic Game of Thrones touch to any outfit with this belt buckle.


Chair 2. Iron Throne

If you really want to splurge, check out this Iron Throne customized chair, designed to replicate the seat of Kings in the Seven Kingdom.




3. Sword Throne Toilet

Can’t afford the authentic $30,000 version? This decorative addition will make any bathroom feel royal.


Dragon Eggs 4. Dragon Eggs

These clay eggs might be magical enough to give as a wedding present, as they were when Khaleesi received them.


 phonecase 5. iPhone Case

Khal Drogo could have totally used one of these. The iPhone probably would have been helpful as well.


cookbook 6. Cookbook

Whip up the recipes inspired from the show. Fancy Potted Hare or Stewed Plums?

tshirt 7. T-Shirt

Try this on for size!


CuffLinks 8. Cuff Links

Khal Drogo’s leather gauntlets not your style? Try these instead.


Knights 9. Medieval Knight Gloves

What every knight needs to protect the kingdom!



Goblet 10. Jeweled Goblet

Drink like Royalty with this mug!




Mugs 11. Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

Stacked in a set, these mugs form the map of Westeros.



12. Direwolf Bookends

The crypts are guarded by carved dire wolves, an large and intelligent species. Guard your books with these sculptures.



13. Custom Converse

Winter is Coming! Show off your allegiance to your favorite House with this pair of custom Game of Thrones shoes.

10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Give gifts an extra special touch by wrapping them in unique ways. We’ve curated some of our favorite ways to wrap presents. Have you tried other ideas to make your gift stand out? If so, leave us a note below!

Music Sheet

1. Music Sheets

Your gift will be music to friends’ ears with a present wrapped in sheet music. Pick your friend’s favorite song to make the gift extra special.


 Jump Rope

2. Jump Rope Wrap 

Your friend will literally jump for joy at how you wrap this gift. This gift style will bring back memories of jumping rope in the school yard.


 Seed Paper

3. Flower Seed Paper

Give the gift of spring year round with this plantable paper packed full with annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Place in ground, water, and your present multiplies!


4. Paint Swatch Gift Tags

A unique way to create a gift tag, these paint swatches are perfect for a gift for your friend’s home.



5. Newspaper

Who says newspapers are out of date? Your daily can go a long way by dressing it up with lace and doily. Pick your favorite article and the rest is gift giving history!


 Admit 1 6. Admit One

For the concert go-er or movie fan friend, cover a box with ticket stubs.  You can even create a bow for the top out of these Admit Ones.



A plain white gift bag becomes a personalized gift with homemade finger painting. Perfect for the gift from a child to a parent or grandparent.


 Wax Paper Leaves 8. Leaves

Wax paper combined with dried leaves brings nature indoors with this present.


 Comics 9. Comics

Double the impact of your gift with the outside wrapping featuring a funny comic to make them laugh before they discover the gift inside.


10. Candy Dots

Presents will be extra sweet with candy dots decorating the gift.



11 Spring Gifts to Kickstart the Season

Spring officially begins this week! To kickstart the beginning of warmer weather, bike rides, and afternoons in the park, we compiled 11 gifts to help celebrate the season.



1.Roomba Vacuum

Nobody likes spring cleaning. Why not help your friend out by automating the cleaning process with a robot vacuum? Just push start and let the Roomba do the work.


2. Cherry Blossom Tree

These flowering trees originating from Japan are now popular around the world with their explosions of pink and white color in the spring. Festivals are celebrated when in bloom.

 doggie jacket

3. Doggie Rain Coat

It’s raining. Solve rainy day dog walking dilemma with this fashionable doggie rain coat.



4. Burger Press

It’s time to dust off the barbeque! Give your friend the title of best burger chef with this cast-aluminum press for tender and juicy burgers.

birdhouse trailer 

5. Birdhouse Trailer

Birds will flock to this trailer style house and make it their home. A personalized license plate comes with it, upon request, to make the birds feel extra welcome.


 Hammock 6.Hammock

It’s perfect for that Sunday Saturday afternoon in the backyard. Drift off to sleep in this oversized cotton rope hammock with a deluxe stand, pad, and pillow.

FlowerPot Gift  7. Flower Pot Cake

Shaped like an African Violet potted plant, this chocolate devil’s food cake with caramel truffle cream will be the center of attention at your friend’s next dinner party.


Bicyle  8. Bicycle Built for Two

A one of a kind electric bicycle built for you and your friend, it will let you glide through the park in relaxed comfort.


seeds  9.Boxes of Seeds
Bring the plants indoors by growing a windowsill garden with 12 packets of seeds. Transfer to soil when ground is ready!

10. Kite

Let’s go fly a kite! This graceful dragon fly flutters its wings in light breezes.


 spring training

11.MLB Spring Training Experience

Sun, scenery, and a sneak-peak at baseball season before it begins in Florida or Arizona. Let your friend decide by checking out a game.



5 Pi Day Gifts for Math Fans

Math fans rejoice today in celebration of Pi Day. The first three digits of this irrational number correlate with March 14, but it’s not only nerds who party today. In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution, deeming the date Pi Day. It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday – a mathematical coincidence! To celebrate, here are some gift ideas for the math geeks in your life.


Pie Day. 3-14-13jpg 1. Pi Pie 

Pi is edible. In fact, it’s delicious. One of our favorites to bake is Apple Caramel. Here are a few stellar recipes to try. Mmmm.

Pi Day-Necklace 2. Pi Necklace 

Time to get crafty. Give your friend a different color bead for each digit and string the beads together for a new piece of jewelry.

Pi Day - Ice Tray 3. Pi Ice Tray 

Your friend’s beverages will be extra chill on Pi Day with these special ice cubes.

Pi Day - Belt 4. Pi Belt 

With all those numbers, your friend’s waist is a great place to display the digits of Pi on a belt. Start with 3.14 and keep going to infinity, or you run out of room.

Pi Day - FLask 5. Pi Flask 

Help your friend get as irrational as Pi with this flask.